Jodhpur Travel Guide To Visit The City Of Rajputs

Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan and is located in the border of the Thar Desert. As there is sunlight in almost all the days of the year, it is known as Sun City and most of the houses here are painted blue and so is also known as Blue City. The history of Jodhpur starts from the year 1459 AD when it was founded by Rao Jodha of the Rathores.

Jodhpur is well connected with other major cities by road, rail and air. Jodhpur has an airport located 5 km from the main city and has regular flight services to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur. Jodhpur rail network comes under that of the North Western Zone and is connected with all the metro cities of India. The buses of RSRTC and private luxury vehicles connect it with major neighboring towns.

Some of the places of interest in Jodhpur are Mehrangarh Fort, Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Phool Mahal, Zenana Deodi, Chamunda Mataji Temple, Mandore, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace and Khejarla Fort. There are some famous lakes here namely Balsamand Lake, Kailana Lake, Ranisar Padamsar and Gulab Sagar Lake.

The shopping area of the city is located in Nai Sadak and Sardar Market. The place is popular for its Bandhej sarees and dress materials and Mojris or Jootis, the shoes with pointed front. Handicrafts, spices and tea are also obtained here as souvenirs. There are numerous handicrafts and handloom shops around the town.

In Jodhpur, formal restaurants are less in number but there are lots of standup street food stalls in every corner of the city. They serve samosas and such Rajasthani delicacies as Makhaniya Lassi, Mawa Kachori, Panchkuta, Dal Bati Churma, Gatte Ka Saag, Kabuli, Mirchi Bada and sweets like Gulab Jamun, Kabuli and other Jodhpur specialties.

Some of the popular restaurants of Jodhpur are located near Jalori Gate and Sardar Market and they serve fish, kebabs, dal, paneer and roti items. There are many good hotels to stay and some of the old palaces have been converted into heritage hotels. They are expensive but they serve to be ideal destination for hosting wedding parties and other social gathering. One good hotel is Ranbanka Palace built by Maharaja Ajit Singh. The Rajasthani cuisine is served here and the processions of dancers, elephants, camels and horses are seen here that depicts the old heritage of the land.

If you are looking for budget hotel, you can find them around station road, near clock tower and near Ummed Chowk. Jodhpur is comparatively a safe city to stay. As it is very hot in summer season with its desert climate, it is advisable to visit the city in winters. There are nearby get outs worth visiting such as Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Luni Fort, Osiyan and Udaipur. Read a reliable Jodhpur travel guide carefully to find out the right Jodhpur hotels and Jodhpur restaurant that will make your times pleasant during your stay there. The city is hot in climate but warm in hospitality.

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Greece Travel Guide – An Ancient Holiday For Historical Travel Lovers

Whenever the exciting thought of spending your vacations or weekends comes to your mind, don’t think much just plan your trip to the scintillating country Greece. There are many fabulous and eye catching attractions worth visiting. This travel guide will lead you to all the tourist destinations which are relevant to visit and all the hotels which are cheap and best to stay and spend your vacations fully.

Greece is popular for the calm and soothing beaches, Rocky Mountains, natural flora and fauna, lavishing restaurants, bright colorful days and exciting nights. The most outstanding aspect of Greece is its great ancient history. The history of Greece is very important to know and enhance your knowledge. The historical monuments reflect the whole Greece culture and civilization. The well known historic city Athens which is also the capital of Greece has many historical monuments and architecture telling about the ancient history. There were three basic kinds of civilizations that use to rein in Athens around 3000 B.C. i.e. Minoan, Cycladic and Mycenaean. There are many historical monuments like Acropolis tower, Parliament building, Theatre of Dionysos and many museums, churches and other architectural buildings.

The country of Greece is also renowned for its vast, calm, sandy beaches and islands. The clean and tidy beaches of Greece spice up your trip and you can fully enjoy here. This Greece travel guide will tell you the most famous beaches of Greece and they are Balos beach on Gramvoussa Island, Banana Beach on Skiathos Island, and Egremni beach on Lefkada Island and many more. All the beaches have a scenic beauty and visitors are fond of them.

The Greece travel guide also covers all the famous hotels, restaurants and bars depicting their locations and features. In Greece many kinds of classy hotels made for your stay like Apollo, Liberty and Myrmidon hotel in Aegina, Crowns Plaza Athens city center, Life gallery, and Royal Olympic in Athens. All these hotels are good in facilities and prices both. Restaurants like Hard Rock Café, Spondini Restaurants etc. serve delicious multicuisine food like fried fishes, cheese dishes etc. for the tourists and guests.

This Greece travel guide is also resource for the entertaining events that are conducted in Greece like the music concerts, film festivals and sports tournaments. The Panathinaiko Stadium is one of the oldest stadium and thousands of Olympic Games have been conducted in this stadium. The modern Olympic game was first time conducted here only. Thessaloniki also presents the all time film festivals for the guests. Many corporate events also occur in Greece like the events occurring in parliament building and at other places.

This Greece Travel guide is a resourceful guide which is very useful for the people planning their trip to Greece. I hope there are all the basic and relevant information required at the time of coming to Greece.