France, Paris Travel Guide

When looking into going to Paris, there are many places to see and lots of things that can be done while in Paris. You can look up all the places you want to see and make a check list or you can use a Paris Vacation Package, either way you will find plenty to do in Paris while you are there.

There is the Paris Island Vacation Package, where the package will include the hotel stay, travel to get there, most of your meals and all your activities you want to do while on the island. Where you can stay on the beach and visit all the different local attractions on the Island. These packages will cost a little more than you probably want to spend, but they nearly include everything you will need while you are in France.

There are many museums to visit while in Paris such as the Musee D’Orsay which has the largest collection of impressionist paintings you will find under one roof. Then there is the Rodin Museum which house the “Thinker”, all of these places will be awesome to see while in Paris and a must on your to do list.

There are over forty million places to eat while you’re staying in Paris. Some of the most famous restaurants you will want to visit are the Gourmet Restaurant, the French Bistrots, and many of the cafes you will find along the streets of Paris. You will not want to miss out on these places to eat because they have beauty and the history of France in them.

When looking for a place to stay in Paris you will have plenty of places to pick from because there are over one thousand and four hundred and fifty places to stay. You will find cheap hotels all the way up to the extremely expensive hotels. You will want to find a cheap hotel near all the restaurants and entertainment places you want to visit, that way you will not have to walk very far, or worry about transportation while in Paris. Many of the hotels here in Paris are historical and charming, so you will not be disappointed with were you choose to stay.

There is so many things to do and see in Paris make sure you plan enough time to spend at each one of the famous buildings and eat at the local cafes to learn about their history and culture.