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Tirumala – A Travel Guide to a Sacred Place

Tirumala Travel Guide

This place is in the Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh in India. This place is very famous for the Sri Venkateshwara Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple in located on the top of the Tirumala hills while on the other hand the town is on the foothills. The hills of Tirumala consist of seven peaks which resemble the seven hoods of the serpent under the hoods of whose Vishnu resides. This temple has a very special sanctity amongst the Hindus. Lots of visitors come here throughout the year.

Hyderabad and Chennai are well connected with airlines from across the globe. These two places are well connected with Tirupati via trains and roadways. There are many travel operators across the world that facilitates package tours here for transportation, sightseeing and accommodation. A person can rent a car or hire a taxi to move about in the place.

Tourist places in Tirumala

This place witnesses a large number of pilgrims who come to visit the Lord Venkateshwara temple all-round the year. There are many sacred shrines, holy water falls, holy rivers and many other archaeological wonders here. This temple is mentioned in the Sastras and Puranas and is one of the oldest temples. There are many other Tourist places here – Hastakalaramam Papanasanam, Gogarbham, Akashganga, S.V. Museum, View Point, Shilathoranam, Kapilathhetham, Regional Science Centre, Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mandir, Kalyani Dam, Srinivisa Mangapuram, S.V. Zoological Park, Chandragiri Fort and Tiruchanur.

Things To Do in Tirumala

The Sri Varahaswami temple should be visited before visiting the Sri Venkateshwara temple. As per legends and traditions, the seven hills were owned by Varahswami and this was a condition for allowing the worship of Sri Venkateshwara. The person should carry extra locks and take adequate safety measures here because of the high density of the people. It is important that the person respects the place and there are some things that have to be avoided like wearing of improper clothing, consuming alcohol, eating non-vegetarian food, wearing of flowers (as all flowers are for the Lord only), creating a nuisance, spitting, and carrying phones,cameras, etc. inside the temple premises (as it is strictly banned in).

The local markets sell various items related to the deities. Tirupati related items can also be purchased here. A person can get free meal coupons at the Sri Vari temple. This meal is although simple but really delicious and filled with the sanctity of the place.

Accommodation in Tirumala

The Hotel Minerava Grand is one of the best hotels in the town. Another good hotel is the Hotel Fortune Kences. There are many private accommodations available to the people here. There are various free accommodations known as Dharmashalas here. The other guest houses charge a very nominal fee/ rent that is just negligible compared to the service.

Shimla Travel Guide – Know More About This Heaven On Earth

Shimla, the perfect place of honeymoon couples has many things in store for the tourists. There are many unexplored lands in Shimla and if you want to visit and enjoy all of them you need to stay there at least for a week’s time. Kalka is located at the footsteps of Shimla and to reach Shimla you have to first go to Kalka. Kalka is connected to various parts of India by trains and buses. The mountain train which by itself is an adventure will carry you along the winding pathways to the paradise on earth.

Another way is hiring cabs from Kalka. Usually two or three families join together and book a big car. If you hire a taxi, the taxi driver would leave you in the main road of Shimla. There are many parts of Shimla like the Mall which could not be accessed by vehicles. The government of Shimla has restricted the vehicle entry to these places to preserve the land from smoke and pollution caused by the vehicles. Also, the roads are very narrow with frequent steps. You have to walk for some length and climb up or climb down few steps and again start walking. This set up is not suitable for traveling in vehicles. So you rarely see two wheelers in Shimla.

Lifts or elevators are used as mode of transportation. They are erected by Himachal Tourism Development Corporation on road side and anyone can board the lift and travel on paying the fixed fare. Two or three such lifts are connected to one another to take you to great altitudes. This will be a wonderful adventure for the first time visitors.

If you want to book cheap Shimla Hotels, you have to move up the hill. As the places at a higher elevation are inaccessible by vehicles, the hotels there offer huge discounts to lure the tourists. It is quite natural that the tired tourists hire the cozy hotels located at the main area. However if you spend some time to move up you can find Shimla hotels with more facilities at half of the price you pay at the main city.

The Glen, the Green Valley, the pine forests, the Kufri, the State Museum and the Mahasu peak are some of the places that you should visit. Look at good Shimla travel guide to know about all the nearby attractions. You can enjoy a mule ride at Kufri. The mules take you to the top called Mahasu peak. It is a half an hour journey on mule’s back that will stay in your heart for your lifetime. On the way to Kufri is situated the Silent Valley region and you can find some good Shimla restaurants there which will satisfy your appetite.

At Mahasu peak, you can see the distant Himalayan mountain ranges filled with snow, glistening in the sunlight. The silence of the region is sure to entrance you. With the help of the telescope you can see the borders of China and Tibet. If you look down you can catch the glimpses of the entire valley below. This is a perfect spot for honeymoon couples. Take time to explore this unexplored land and bring home your camera full of pictures and your mind full of memories.

Pune Travel Guide – Visit The Cultural Capital Of Maharashtra

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and this is noted for its educational centers and nightlife. There is high inflow of students in this city and this has contributed to the growth of fantastic restaurants and good hotels. There are many hill forts nearby from where you can have the panoramic view of the city.

The pleasant climate of Pune makes it a good place for tourism. It is better to avoid getting there in summer months from March to May. In May it receives heavy thundershowers that reduce the heat. October and November are the best time to visit Pune. You can access Pune by air and all domestic carriers operate from the airport located here. Almost all the flights from Pune fly through Mumbai. Alternatively you can reach Mumbai and take a taxi or bus to Pune.

The railway station in Pune is one of the sophisticated stations in India that offer various facilities to the travelers. There are three National Highways NH4, NH9 and NH50 connecting Pune with Mumbai, Vijayawada and Nasik respectively. To get around the city, you have various options such as auto rickshaws, buses, motorcycles, cars and suburban railways.

The Marathi film industry has its base in Pune. Some of the places that are worth visiting during your stay are Darshan Museum, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Tribal Museum, Mahatma Phule Museum, National War Museum, Parvati Hill Temple, Aga Khan Palace, Bund Garden and Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary. There are also some beautiful beaches near Pune such as Diveagar beach and it will take about 4 hours to reach there by car.

If you are interested in shopping, then you can find many electronics chain stores such as Sony World, House of Laptops and Croma and you can buy all latest electronic gadgets here. There are many outstanding malls and street side shops where you can make a good bargain. It is also famous for Kolhapuri chappals which are manufactured in Kolhapur near Pune.

There are many good restaurants of all ranges in Pune. If you want to get into budget eateries then you can find a number of them in the Fergusson College Road and if your choice is multi-cuisine restaurant then you can locate them in ABC Farms and Koregaon Park. Many of them have bars in them and they are opened until midnight. The favorite food item of Pune is Misals and they are found in Peth areas.

If you want to find good hotels to stay, you can find them in Fergusson College Road and Tilak Road. The top end hotels in Pune are very less in number but they offer very good service. During off season times, you can get good discount in these hotels. There are many camping spots near Pune where you can go for camping and some of them are Tungarli Lake, Valvan Lake, Rajmachi, Phansad and Mahabaleshwar. To know about Pune hotels and Pune restaurants refer a reliable Pune travel guide.