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Ooty Travel Guide – Explore the Wonders of Nature

Ooty was the paradise of Englishmen during the British rule in India. John Sullivan is considered to be the founder of this exotic location. Though there are many nearby attractions in Ooty, the great attraction is climate. The weather in Ooty is cold or moderate throughout the year. So, the English people used this as the summer retreat.

To reach Ooty easily, the mountain railway was established. It was inaugurated in 1908. The functioning of the wheels of this narrow gauge is based on the rack and pinion arrangement to help it climb the steep mountain slopes. It passes through many tunnels providing some wonderful views of the valley below. It heads through the thick forests that you can see some wild animals like elephants, monkeys, deer and wild boar on the way if you are lucky.

Thousands of people gather at Ooty during summer season. To amuse them, summer festivals are conducted. During these festivals, flower show, fruit show, dog show and other activities like traditional dances are conducted. People from all over South India and other parts of India visit Ooty during this time. Naturally the prices of the Ooty hotels go high during this time as this is the peak season here. So it is better to do advanced booking to avoid disappointments.

There are more than forty nearby attractions in Ooty. It is not possible to see them all in single visit. So you have to plan the places to visit according to the priority. If you hire reliable cab service they will help you in deciding the places of visit. Some of these places are for adventure lovers, some for nature lovers, some for kids and some for adults. So, it is wiser to put a timetable based on your interests and act accordingly.

If you do not want to miss the important locations, then you must refer to good Ooty travel guide that has all the nearby attractions and details about them. Ooty is one of the best spots for one day picnics. Though you cannot explore many places, you can enjoy the climate of Ooty and spend your time joyfully. It is the perfect place for the honeymoon couples. The weather is just enough to instill a happy mood in you.

The hotels in Ooty are of many types and they cater to all the budget ranges. The rent of these hotels is cheaper in off-season times. The first season starts from March and lasts till April and the second season lasts from September to October. Though this is a place worth visiting all round the year, it is better to avoid the monsoon season. Getting around will be tougher at this time due to heavy showers.

Most of the restaurants in Ooty serve South Indian food items such as rice, sambhar, rasam, papad, etc. Some of them also serve North Indian delicacies and Chinese foods. Selecting the right Ooty hotels and Ooty restaurants will make your days smoother and more enjoyable.

A Quick Travel Guide to Chicago

With millions of people visiting this destination each year, Chicago has become on the most popular cities in the United States. It not only has hundreds of activities for everyone, but it provides dozens of discount hotels. With its historical landmarks and an overabundance of culture, Chicago will surely continue to be one of the most popular travel destinations.

The first thing to do while booking your trip to Chicago is to research on the internet. Surprisingly, there are several websites which provide users with special discounts and cheap rates. The most popular services located on the web are and These websites are wonderful when trying to find the best prices. Therefore, it could be quite simple to find Chicago hotels at an affordable price. No matter what you are looking for – whether it be a discount hotel or one of luxury, these services will give you the best information. Fortunately, these websites are not looking to manipulate you. They will effortlessly provide you with the best deals, even if it means you are able to save money.

Once you have booked your discount hotel or any Chicago hotel for that matter, you are on your way to a great vacation. There are hundreds of activities to do in this infamous city, no matter how old or young you may be. If you have children, the Brookfield Zoo is a dream come true. With thousands of animals on display, your children will be able to experience wild life at its finest.

If you are looking for something a little different, there are hundreds of other alternatives. For instance, the well known Apollo Theatre is located in the heart of Chicago. This stage has been home to thousands of performers, and there are always many popular shows going on there. If you are lucky, you may just be able to walk from your Chicago hotel and end up at the Apollo! There are many discount hotels that are only a walking distance from this infamous landmark.

With history almost oozing from its streets, Chicago has some of the most beautiful landmarks in the country. The Sears Tower allows you to look at the entire city from its sky deck. With the highest place to observe the illustrious city, it is sure to stun new visitors. It is a beautiful view – complete with stunning city lights and a great breeze. Most visitors tend to visit this tower at night, as it is much prettier when the sun is just setting. The Sears Tower was actually the tallest building in the world until 1996.

For many travelers, Chicago is a breathtaking city. Although the city is expensive, you can easily find discount hotels in the area. As long as you plan months ahead and do your research, finding a Chicago hotel with a great price should not be a problem. No matter where you decide to stay, every Chicago hotel will provide you with a wonderful experience. The city never sleeps; therefore if you keep up with the city, you may not need a hotel in the first place!

The Goa Travel Guide

Whenever someone wants a fun filled, chilled out beach vacation in India, the most common name that springs to everyone’s minds is Goa. It is the place where the party never ends and the sun never sets on fun and frolic. The tourist places in Goa will leave you wanting more. It is not really necessary to go to Goa with a clear idea of what you want to do and where you want to be. To help you figure out what you want to do or to make sure you have a great vacation, sift through this Goa travel guide as it lists all the main tourist places as well as other important information related to the town.


October to June is the best time to visit Goa. The weather is pleasant and a lot of cultural festivals are held during this time. Summers (March to May), are quite hot and temperatures soar to 40 degrees, but being off season this is also the time you can get some of the best discounts. June to September are the monsoon months with rainfall. This is a nice time to explore the rural side of Goa and enjoy the lush greenery.

The quintessential Goa vacation would be just lying on the beach and watching the waves without a care in the world. If that is not your cup of tea and you seek adventure, then you may try the various water sports like paragliding, water skiing, windsurfing or simply taking a swim in the waters. Calangunte, Anjuna, Baga and Palolem are some of the famous beaches in Goa. There are also beautiful cathedrals and heritage buildings in Old Goa which are reminiscent of its Portuguese past. Bom Jesus Basilica, Se Cathedral and Church of St. Catejan are some of the important tourist places in Goa. If you enjoy wilderness then visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary or the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

You can also visit the Savoi spice plantations and enjoy a day’s excursion exploring the plantations. The Central Library, Goa State museum, Goa Science Centre and Kala Academy are some other interesting tourist places in Goa.


Being a tourist destination, Goa has a number of hotels and resorts catering to all kinds of budgets. There are low budget hotels and even inexpensive shacks by the beach. There are ample options for those looking for a luxury experience, as all the major hotel chains have hotels here.


No Goa travel guide is complete without a mention of the exhilarating shopping options in Goa. The state is famous for handicrafts like terracotta figurines, lacquer chitaris, brass wares, exquisite bamboo artefacts, water-colour paintings and sea-shell jewellery. Visit the popular Anjuna Flea Market, held every Wednesday, to enjoy the true taste of Goa.


Goan cuisine is lip smacking and delectable with its use of flavoursome spices and coconut. Seafood is a must try in this part of India. You will find everything from prawns, fish, lobsters, mussels and squids here. In fact, as far as tourist places in Goa are concerned, quite a few famous restaurants and shacks have become tourist destinations in their own right in Goa.