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Gold Cost Queensland Travel Guide

Gold Coast is a beautiful city in the state of Queensland in Australia. The city is a very popular tourist destination and is visited by millions of domestic and international tourists annually. Gold Coast is an important financial center in Australia. The city is famous for its beaches, wildlife and theme park. It is also a popular party destination for the people of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, because of its proximity to the city. This coastal city is also regarded as a paradise for surfers and every year, surfers visit the Gold Coast to participate in various surfing competitions.


Travelers can find all kinds of accommodation in the city, starting from budget hotels and motels, to luxury villas and resorts. They can also rent highly-furnished apartments and feel at home in the city. There are many hotels for backpackers situated near the beaches and these hotels provide people with affordable accommodation. Those who are looking for luxury can stay at any of the 5 star hotels and resorts situated in the city.


People can easily travel to different parts of the city by car. Most of the tourist attractions, such as the beaches and theme parks, provide sufficient space for parking all kinds of vehicles. People can rent all kinds of cars from any of the car agencies, and they can even rent luxury vehicles such as limousines for transportation. People can also travel by Bus from one corner of the city to the other. Buses travel frequently different places of the city and they charge a very low fare.

Things to Do

The city offers a wide range of entertainment options to the tourists. People, looking to enjoy the sea, can travel to any of the beaches in Gold Coast, such as North Burleigh, Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach etc. Surfers can travel to the popular surfing spots such as Tallebudgeera Creek, Greenmount Beach, and Rainbow Bay etc. Those who are in love with nature can travel to the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks situated in the outskirts of the city. They can visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which is famous for birds, koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles etc.

The city also has various night clubs, pubs and discos which provide night time entertainment. Apart from that, people can also visit the local restaurants and enjoy the exquisite cuisine which the city has to offer. These restaurants serve all kinds of cuisines, starting from continental to Asian.

How to Find the Perfect Travel Guide

With all of these travel guides mucking up the Web, tossing another into the bottomless well, the act alone is seemingly a crime deserving of punishment. While most of it is regurgitated information, the others are merely summaries skewed by a bad experience and a jilted vacationer. The only safe bet when it comes to deciding which guide to believe is by determining which ones still populate the shelves at your local bookstore or have a positive allegiance. Another good reason for keep a hard copy of your travel guide is for the sole purpose of convenience. What is more realistic, transporting individual leafs of paper, or a little book to reference?

What separates the Web guides from the books is relevance of information. Because of the cost afforded to printing and binding a book outweighs that of typing away at a keyboard and pressing submit, the rate at which new editions of text are printed can never come close to eclipsing the Web. But for a greater overview and centralized point of reference, a print guide can not be beat, especially when visiting the Yucatan.

A myriad of timeless guides line the travel aisles of stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders, but which are consistently recognized for their thoroughness, clarity, and ease of digestion? While some read like theses and others like premed textbooks, there are handfuls that always manage to find their way into the backpacks of eager travelers satisfying wanderlust.

Lonely Planet Yucatan, a guide written by a often-questionable source, but never the less a page-turner and seemingly accurate, is the most turned-to guide for everything Cancun. Not only does it deviate from a stale narrative often assigned to other travel guides, but it manages to present the material with a personal finesse, authentic, and enjoyable to read.

Travel Guides- An Overview

You can get reliable, useful information from
guidebooks. Yet, some are better than others
and often, it’s important to know what you’re
looking for when you travel, what your goals
are and what your pocketbook can handle.

As I often tell my fellow Traveling Paupers,
a guidebook is just that— a guide. Not a set
of rules that are fixed in stone. Never let any
guidebook chain you down to a fixed itinerary.
Be adventurous, add your own mix of wonder
and discovery to the trip you plan, and use your
guidebook as an introduction to the locale,
not the final arbiter of what is valuable.

That being said, I’d like to explore some of
the guidebooks I’ve found useful in making
trips around the world. It is, by no means, a
comprehensive listing of all the books
available to you. But this sampling should
give you a very good starting point to discover
what travel books can offer.

The Michelin Red Guides

Provide detailed information about European
hotels and restaurants, while the Green Guides
focus on European art, history, and places of
interest. They tend to be best suited to travel
that isn’t too budget conscious. Upscale.

The Fielding Guides

Provides a candid, well written guide especially
good at finding off-beat, unusual destinations.
I recommend them to Paupers that wish to travel
off the beaten track. Unique.

Fodor’s Travel Guides

Recently celebrating their 60th birthday with almost
100 titles in the Gold Line series. They emphasize the
West, but the Fodor’s Guides cover countries though-
out the world. They provide good historical and
cultural information as well as practical recommendations.
I like it for those who wish to stay on the middle
of the road. Perennial Bestseller.

The Frommer Series

The old $5. A Day series has become the $40 a Day
series. They offer touring guides, city guides, and special
editions. While emphasizing Europe and the United States
they take pains to describe restaurants, hotels and
nightlife as well. Budget.

The Lonely Planet Series

Called, simply enough, the LP, they have earned a great
reputation for worldwide budget and independent travel.
There are five series offered, but my favorite is the
On A Shoestring guide, coving everything from a
specific country, to a region or continent for the low
budget traveler. Eclectic.

The Travel Handbook Series

This series contains more than 50 books from Moon
Publications and are updated annually. That’s their
greatest value in my judgment. Contemporary.

Europe Through The Back Door

Authored by Rick Steves. You get an itinerary
and “must see” list of sights for limited European
trips. A no brainer.

The Rough Guides

Focuses on college-age travelers in Europe. Much
the same flavor as you will find in the LP series;
irreverent and directed to the budget conscious.
Street smart.

A good guidebook makes travel vastly easier. Use them
even when you’re only traveling in your arm chair.
The best spark your imagination and lead you to
unknown discoveries and adventure.

Victor K. Pryles©2005 –