Kochi Travel Guide – Enjoy the Backwaters

Kochi is also known as Cochin and is one of the cosmopolitan cities of Kerala and is considered as the financial capital of the state. Kochi has a prominent place in the Indian history from the times when people here started trading in spices with people of other countries. The influence of the trading partners like Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese led to the blend of various cultures at this place.

Kochi has a tropical climate that does not have great variations. It has moderate summers and cool winters with light showers in between. The place could be visited any time of the year except monsoon season. Kochi could be said as a cluster of islands and main land all connected by bridges and ferries. It comprises of Ernakulam mainland, Willingdon Island, Peninsula of Mattencherry and Fort Kochi, Bolgatty Island, Allarpadom Island, Vypin Island, Aluva, Thrikakara Town, Thripunithura and Maradu.

The festivals like Christmas and Cochin Carnivals are conducted in winter season and so visiting the place in winters would be really good. The Cochin International Airport is not only the largest airport in Kerala but also one of the major gateways to India. Kochi is well connected by train with other Indian cities and there are two major railway stations here namely Ernakulam Town Station and Ernakulam Junction Station.

The Kerala Road State Transport Corporation runs bus services to neighboring cities and states and there are 3 types of buses, super fast, express and Garuda Hi-Tech. NH 66 connects Kochi with Mumbai through Mangalore, Goa and extends up to Thiruvananthapuram and NH 544 connects Kochi with Palakkad, Coimbatore, Salem and Bangalore and NH 49 connects it with Rameswaram through Madurai and Munnar. There is also direct ferry service between Kochi and Lakshadweep. The auto rickshaws, taxis and cabs are used for local transportation. The ferries connect Kochi with other islands like Fort Kochi, Vypeen and Willingdon Island.

Some of the interesting places worth visiting is, Fort Kochi Beach where you can see the Chinese Fishing Nets, Hill Palace Museum, Santacruz Basilica, St. Francis Church, VOC Gate, David Hall, Bastion Bungalow, Dutch Palace, Jew Street and Paradesi Synagogue, Princess Street, Chendamangalam Palace Fort, Pallipuram Fort, Holy Koonan Cross Church and Pierce Leslie Bungalow. Apart from them, there are some parks, museums and beaches.

Onam festival, Cochin Carnival, Fireworks festival and Shiva Temple festival are all conducted at various times of the year and being at Cochin in one of those times would enchant you. Especially Cochin Carnival and Christmas are celebrated together and there will be a wonderful array of colorful rallies and competitions conducted during those times.

Fresh seafood is popular in Kochi and also freshwater fish is caught from the backwaters. Along with this prawns, squids and shrimps are enjoyed. The tasty dishes of Kochi like meen molagitta curry and kurukku kalan are served in the Kochi restaurants. When you are at Kochi you can stay either in Fort Cochin or Ernakulam city. Many premium hotels are located in Willingdon Island also. Look at a good Kochi travel guide to find out the best Kochi hotels and Kochi restaurants.

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